A scalable framework for developing powerful web-based services

Build robust websites, web-based platforms, and applications that can grow alongside your aspirations. Sitesuma provides a solid foundation for your digital projects, ensuring seamless scalability, enhanced security, and exceptional performance.

Uncompromising Security

Rest easy knowing your digital assets and user data are protected by our fully secure architecture. With data encryption during transit and at rest, a granular roles-based user access system, and multi-factor authentication, your sensitive information remains safeguarded from potential threats.

Secure Storage Solutions

Effortlessly store and manage your documents and images with our secure storage system. Enjoy support for countless file types and maintain control over access with granular user access controls. Keep your valuable content safe and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Seamless Content Editing

Experience a rich WYSIWYG inline content editing experience that empowers you to create captivating web content effortlessly. With support for custom plugin-based templates, unlimited content reversion history, and a granular audit log, you have complete control and oversight over your content creation process.

Optimized Performance

Unlock optimal performance with our extensive caching logic. Fine-tune access speeds for computationally expensive data, delivering a lightning-fast experience for your users. Enjoy a responsive and high-performing digital platform that keeps pace with your audience’s expectations.

Flexible Headless Mode

Harness the power of our software framework in fully headless mode. Leverage the in-built core API and easily extend the architecture to incorporate custom API functionalities. Seamlessly integrate with external systems and enhance the flexibility and versatility of your projects.

Ecommerce Integration

Leverage our built-in product catalogue to effortlessly set up ecommerce stores. With integrated online payment systems, you can quickly establish your online business and start selling products. Get a head start on your ecommerce journey with our out-of-the-box solution.

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Built with advanced security measures, secure storage capabilities, seamless content editing, optimized performance, headless mode flexibility, and effortless ecommerce integration, Sitesuma empowers you to create exceptional digital experiences that evolve and succeed.


How can I trust the reliability of Sitesuma?

Sitesuma boasts over 15 years of development, making it a mature and road-tested product. It has been trusted by companies worldwide as the foundation for their enterprise solutions. Contact us, and we’ll gladly share case studies that demonstrate Sitesuma’s reliability and success.


What hosting environment does Sitesuma require?

Sitesuma operates smoothly on a standard .NET hosting environment, allowing for easy deployment and hosting. Enjoy the flexibility to host Sitesuma virtually anywhere that supports .NET hosting.


Is Sitesuma solely a content management system (CMS)?

While Sitesuma originated as a CMS, it has evolved into an advanced library of common functionalities such as security, user management, email integration, caching, content management, and API support. Think of Sitesuma as a robust foundation for developing custom software solutions.


What types of digital projects is Sitesuma suitable for?

Sitesuma is highly versatile and adaptable, serving as an ideal foundation for various digital projects. Whether you’re building dynamic websites, web-based platforms, or cloud-based software, Sitesuma caters to your needs. It seamlessly interfaces with both desktop browsers and mobile apps, enabling you to create comprehensive digital solutions across multiple platforms.